To the reviewers of the ConnectOregon IV grant applications: Norm and Mel Mc Dougal, in the form of Lost Creek Rock Products, [read more …]

Why Label Genetically Modified Food?

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Elizabeth Larter, the official spokesperson for the Yes on Washington State Initiative 522 campaign. If passed in [read more …]

Why Not Label Genetically Modified Food?

Editor’s Note: We were privileged to ask the campaign opposing Washington State’s Initiative 522 a few questions. If passed in November 2013, [read more …]

When Industrial Slaughterhouses Are Proposed

Editor’s Note: The industrialization and corporatization of slaughterhouses has spread to many regions of the nation. Whatcom County, WA offers a case [read more …]

¡HUELGA! Mixteco and Triqui Farmworkers commence second Work Stoppage at Sakuma Brothers Farms, Inc.

Editor’s Note: Why are workers striking? Read their grievances. Burlington, WA, July 22, 2013: Over two hundred Triqui and Mixteco farmworkers authorized [read more …]

Bolivia: Building Resilience To Climate Change Through Indigenous Knowledge – The Case Of Bolivia

By Climate and Development Knowledge Network, Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources Indigenous knowledge plays an important role in the way communities interact [read more …]

A Conversation about School Lunches, a Student and a Farmer

Editor’s Note: In a letter Anabel Magee, 9, expresses her frustration about the state of her school lunches. Clayton Burrows of Growing [read more …]

On Kids and Food

By Laura Plaut, Founder and Director of Common Threads Farm, a nonprofit on a mission to connect young people with healthy food [read more …]

Empowered Latino Farmers (Spanish & English Translations Included)

Photo: Clayton Burrows Editor’s Note: Eden Lopez is a farmer on Growing Washington’s Alm Hill Gardens in Everson, WA. Born in Michoacan, [read more …]

Whatcom Farm-to-School: Tackling Food System Challenges One Lunch at a Time

Photo: David Westerlund By Mardi Solomon & Holly O’Neil, Coordinators, Whatcom Farm-to School Support Team Editor’s Note: Eating healthy foods should not [read more …]

Sludge, Whose Jurisdiction? (Part 2)

Photo: Sustainable Sanitation, Flickr Editor’s Note: Last year Wahkiakum County passed an ordinance to regulate the spreading of sludge/biosolids on agricultural land. [read more …]

Sludge, Whose Jurisdiction? (Part 1)

Photo: Sustainable Sanitation, Flickr Editor’s Note: Last year Wahkiakum County passed an ordinance to regulate the spreading of sludge/biosolids on agricultural land. [read more …]

Rethinking the Peasant

Photo: Andrew Rodman By Andrew Rodman, Editor, In Good Tilth magazine, a bi-monthly publication from Oregon Tilth Editor’s Note: Are we seeing [read more …]

The Beginning of Regional Food Governance?

Photo: “Fawn Peak Complex Fire, Washington”, NASA Visible Earth Collection By Alon Bassok, Senior Planner, and Olivia Robinson, Regional Affairs Coordinator, Puget [read more …]

Urban and Suburban Agriculture Empowers Environmental Stewards

Photo: Seattle Tilth By Andrea Dwyer, Executive Director of Seattle Tilth Editor’s Note: An idea worth replicating. Read below to see how [read more …]

Northwest Soil Science: Nitrogen Mineralization

Photo: Simon Davis-Cohen By Doug Collins, WSU Extension, Statewide Small Farms Educator Editor’s Note: Get a Soil Science lesson from a man [read more …]

WA Conservation Districts: An Introduction

By Craig Nelson, Okanogan Conservation District Manager Editor’s Note: Those interested in the power structures concerning Washington’s natural resources should be acquainted [read more …]

Planning For A Future: Protecting The Ground

By Bob Emmons, President, LandWatch Lane County Editor’s Note: We are privileged to have Emmons guide us through some of the history [read more …]

Recirculating Farms

Photo: Sahib’s Florida Aquaponic Farm, courtesy of Recirculating Farms Coalition By Shaylyn Berlew, Communications Intern, Recirculating Farms Coalition Editor’s Note: The Recirculating [read more …]

Columbia Basin Water Development

By Vicky Scharlau, Executive Director, Columbia Basin Development League Editor’s Note: How America has chosen to control its water impacts our lives [read more …]

No Fisherman Deserves a Toxic River

Editor’s Note: This piece appears in our “Dirt” section because the current unhealthy condition of the Duwamish River has been and continues [read more …]

Conserving Working Lands, Native Species, and Fertile Soil

By Mary Kiesau It’s not on the endangered species list, it’s not listed in a field guide, it doesn’t fly or swim, [read more …]

Protecting Dirt, Among Other Things

By Connie Clement, Outreach Coordinator of Whatcom Land Trust 27 years ago, Whatcom County farmers were concerned about agricultural land being converted [read more …]

Coming Soon

We recognize the irony of an incomplete dirt section in a publication devoted to reading the dirt.  We acknowledge this fact, but [read more …]