Keep It Cottage

Keep It Cottage    David Stephens is an ecologist and remote sensing analyst. was formed by a small group of people who met at the first I-502 public forum held in Olympia on January 22nd, 2013. These forums have made it clear that thousands of Washingtonians are interested in keeping the legal cannabis industry small and cottage. This is the first time in modern history that a commodity with such an inelastic demand can be controlled by small businesses rather than all the mega corps to which we have all grown reluctantly accustomed. Hearing companies such as "Diego Pellicer" declaring its intentions to dominate entire sectors of this emerging legal market will undoubtedly cause unrest in the existing cannabis community. The primary factor preventing the prohibition-era cannabis community from being politically active was the overwhelming criminal pressures which are now melting away. With these new freedoms comes a voice which can be as proud and potent as the cannabis grown with love by the small to medium-sized farmers.

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