Welcome to Read the Dirt.

After a few years as a small publication, Read the Dirt has transitioned into something a little different.

Ear to the Ground: We have launched a bi-monthly exclusive “Ear to the Ground” newsletter, which mines local newspapers and state legislatures for important trends and developments. Learn more and subscribe here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6846535

We are asking $5/month for Ear to the Ground subscriptions. If you’re not sure you want to subscribe, but want to stay in the loop, you might be interested in our free mailing list, which features sneak peeks in the newsletter and other highlights. You can sign up here: https://tinyletter.com/Read_the_Dirt

Mini “investigative fund”: One arm of Read the Dirt functions as an incubator for  stories and essays, which are then published in partnering outlets. Our incubated stories have appeared in The Leap, Earth Island Journal, DeSmogBlog, Truthout, Popular Resistance and other outlets.

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