Rapid Evolution and Adaptation to Climate Change: Salmon

Photo: Kiva Stevens, Nooksack River Editor’s Note: Are species beginning to evolve in response to climate change? Kiva Stevens is a Junior [read more …]

Orca Tribes of the Salish Sea and Beyond

Photo: Howard Garrett By Howard Garrett, author and co-founder of Orca Network Editor’s Note: The oceans of the Pacific Northwest are home [read more …]

The Secret Life of Plastic

Photo: NOAA Photo Library Editor’s Note: Written by the inspired Young Writer Amanda Clausen, this piece provides an observant look at how [read more …]

The Tongass: The National Salmon Forest

By Andrianna Natsoulas, Communications Consultant, Sitka Conservation Society Editor’s Note: Welcoming our first article from Alaska! The Tongass Forest is the largest [read more …]

Oysters and Ocean Acidification

By Margaret Pilaro Barrette, Executive Director for the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Editor’s Note: The Executive Director for the Pacific Coast [read more …]

Leave It to the Beaver!

By Kat Hall (The Lands Council’s Conservation Programs Director) and Amanda Parrish (The Beaver Solution Contact) Editor’s Note: Want to know how [read more …]

A New Trend in Dam Removal?

By Amy Kober, Senior Communications Director for American Rivers. Editor’s Note: This article by Amy Kober of American Rivers on the upcoming [read more …]

There’s a New Bug in Town

Photo: Bev Gerdeman By Don McMoran, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator, WSU Skagit County Extension Editor’s Note:  This article from Don [read more …]

A History Lesson Concerning Fauna

Editor’s note: This striking photo of Theodore Roosevelt has been brought to us courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The [read more …]

Salmon, Dams and the Snake River

Restoring Columbia Basin Salmon – An opportunity to protect a species, secure a food, and revitalize an ecosystem. As I write these words, [read more …]

The Return of Washington’s Wolf Packs?

By Mindee Shrull, Conservation Northwest A ruling by U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy in early August, 2010 placed northern Rockies’ wolves back [read more …]

A Fauna the WSDA isn’t Too Fond Of

By Dr. James Marra, Managing Entomologist, Washington State Department of Agriculture Keeping permanent populations of the destructive gypsy moth out of Washington [read more …]