Maureen Ryan

Maureen Ryan    Maureen (Mo) is an evolutionary ecologist and conservation biologist in Bellingham, WA. She is currently a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow with the Society for Conservation Biology, and is working to develop a climate adaptation strategy for mountain wetland ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest in collaboration with the National Park Service and US Forest Service. In general her research focuses on applications of ecological theory to conservation, with a focus on amphibians. In addition to research, Maureen teaches ecology & environmental history at Fairhaven College of Western Washington University. Previously she spent several years teaching as a wilderness instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School. She is also founder and executive director of The Darby Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to support culturally vibrant, resilient, and ecologically diverse communities. She is most excited about the transformational possibilities that emerge when communities connect through ideas, art, and engagement with the natural world.

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