Philip Damon - Sacred Democracy

Sacred Democracy Columnist Philip Damon

Philip Damon - Sacred Democracy    Taught writing and spiritual literature at the University of Hawaii for 34 years, and his fiction and non-fiction have appeared widely. Among mystic, artistic and holistic traditions, he has followed many practices, considering each in harmony with the “perennial philosophy.” His workshop, Living the Story, marries perennial wisdom with the elements of story-craft, providing a “narrative path to personal, spiritual and evolutionary mindfulness.” He has since added “democratic mindfulness” to that list. After abandoning political activity in the 70s, for literary and later for holistic and spiritual pursuits, he was unprepared for the impact a few years ago on hearing the phrase “living democracy.” In his “Dancing on the Brink” columns (Bellingham Weekly and Organic Press, 2003-2006), he emphasized inner personal practice in the face of severe cultural uncertainty. The emphasis in “Sacred Democracy” speaks more to the moral obligation of individuals to act, feel and think on behalf of the welfare of all citizens.