WSU Extention, Skagit County: Don McMoran

Don McMoran

WSU Extention, Skagit County: Don McMoran    Don McMoran was born on a 2000 acre diversified potato farm in West Side Mount Vernon. He grew up working on the farm including bucking hay bales and moving irrigation pipe all summer long. Working in the fields was long and hard but he grew to appreciate how hard area farmers work to make the valley what it is today. Don completed his Masters Degree in General Agriculture in 1998 with a minor in Spanish and a Masters in Arts and teaching in 2000. After graduating from college Don taught Spanish at Stanwood Middle School for one year before receiving a position with the Skagit Conservation District where he implemented the Conservation Enhancement Reserve Program (CREP). In May of 2006 Don was hired as the WSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator for Skagit County, where he assists local farmers and gardeners with their research and extension needs. His major programming includes potato irrigation research, outreach to under-served audiences and agricultural leadership. Don and his wife Ami have two year old twin daughters, Allie and Abbie and reside in Burlington. Photo: Erin Cox

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