Stewardship Partners

Stewardship Partners    Over the past five years, the Seattle-based non-profit organization Stewardship Partners has become a recognized leader and trusted resource for rain gardens and other low impact development projects. They are working with Washington State University Extension and regional cities and counties to install rain gardens throughout Puget Sound. To date, Stewardship Partners has planted more than 100 rain gardens, and identified a total of 684 around Puget Sound. They can help neighborhoods find grant funding to build clusters of rain gardens, and hire contractors to complete projects with substantial community involvement. On 8th Ave N in Puyallup, for example, what used to be a neighborhood full of compacted high maintenance lawns has been transformed into 20 beautifully landscaped rain gardens. These rain gardens were designed by professionals, and planted by local school children and neighborhood volunteers. Stewardship Partners has installed rain garden clusters in several neighborhoods within Puyallup, Eatonville, and Burien. This summer, they will build their first Seattle rain garden cluster near Longfellow Creek in a Delridge neighborhood. Their last cluster project of the season will be in Everett this September. Each project will be a community event, enlisting neighborhood volunteers, and culminating in a block party celebration.

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