Bottled Water Facility Stopped, Local Government Replaced

Bottled Water Facility Stopped, Local Government Replaced

Editor’s Note: Citizens in Anacortes stopped what would have been North America’s largest bottled water facility. The locals engaged to vote out [read more …]

Washington State attempts to sell Columbia River water for $6 million

The appeal: state can’t sell rivers, favor corporate farms over family farms.   By Rachael Paschal Osborn and Lee Bernheisel, NAIADS   [read more …]

USA Refuses to Ban Atrazine

Editor’s Note: Atrazine is used in many herbicides in the USA. It is a known endocrine disruptor that reduces testosterone production and [read more …]

When Public Utility Districts Forget Who They Serve

Editor’s Note: Democracy, local Native culture, a Public Utility District and a dam are all converging in Okanogan County. Below is a [read more …]

Water Quality, Who Should Decide?

Editor’s Note: A written conversation between Read the Dirt editor Simon Davis-Cohen and John Osborn MD, Board President, Center for Environmental Law [read more …]

The Balancing Act: Exploring Water in the Skagit Basin

Photo: US Forest Service via Wikimedia Commons By Catherine Phelps, Intern, Center for Environmental Law and Policy Editor’s Note: If water is [read more …]

Water in the West: Diverse Tools for Conserving our Rivers and Communities

Photo: Trout Unlimited – Washington Water Project By: Szilvia Rideg, Project Associate, Trout Unlimited – Washington Water Project Nobody likes to see a [read more …]

Managing Many Waters the Walla Walla Way

Photo: Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership By Cathy Schaeffer, Executive Director, Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership Editor’s Note: An invaluable perspective on [read more …]

The Clean Water Act – A Story of Activism and Change

Photo: Courtesy of Puget Soundkeeper Alliance By Chris Wilke, Executive Director of Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and Pacific Regional Representative to the Waterkeeper [read more …]

Privatizing a Basic Human Right: Water

Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons By Samuel Bliss Editor’s Note: One of our young and empowered voices—Samuel Bliss—gives us a run down [read more …]

A complicated situation: Lake Roosevelt and the Grand Coulee Dam

By Andy Dunau, Executive Director of the Lake Roosevelt Forum, President of Dunau Associates, Executive Director for the Spokane River Forum and [read more …]

Bottle the Skagit River?

By Sandra Spargo, Defending Water in the Skagit River Basin, The Alliance for Democracy Editor’s Note: Sandra Spargo, a dedicated citizen, clues [read more …]

One Step Back for Clean Water in the Boise River

By John Robison, Public Lands Director of Idaho Conservation League. Editor’s Note: The Boise River watershed is the source of drinking water [read more …]

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: Portland’s Water System

By Jeffrey Boly,  one of the founders of the Friends of the Reservoirs, Neighborhood Association Board President and Westside leader of the [read more …]

Protecting Our Region From Hanford’s Spreading of Contamination and From Being Used (Again) as a National Radioactive Waste Dump

By Gerry Pollet, JD.  Gerry Pollet is Executive Director of Heart of America Northwest, a 16,000 member citizens’ group which is widely [read more …]

New Gold Rush Threatens the West

By Gary Macfarlane, a native of the interior West. He graduated from Utah State University’s College of Natural Resources about 30 years [read more …]

America’s Antiquated Mining Policy

Photo: Miners operate a hydraulic sluice in San Francisquito Canyon, Los Angeles County, California between 1890 and 1900 (Wikimedia Commons). Editor’s note: [read more …]

Drinking Water in Bellingham and much of Whatcom County

An introduction to Lake Whatcom By April J. Markiewicz, Associate Director/Toxicologist II, Institute of Environmental Toxicology at Huxley College of the Environment, [read more …]

Thurston County Hydrologic Cycle

Editor’s Note: The graph above documents the highest rainfall event for the given years at the Olympia, WA airport. By Nadine Romero, [read more …]

River Watch-Thomas Creek

By Christine Woodward, Director of Natural Resources, Samish Indian Nation Thomas Creek is a tributary to the Samish River in Skagit County [read more …]

Water Wealth

By Rick Glenn The 20th century was an era of tremendous economic growth in the United States.  Horses were replaced by automobiles, [read more …]

River Watch-The Teanaway

Restoring Flows and Fish in the Teanaway River Since 1999, Washington Water Trust (WWT) has been quietly restoring stream flows in the [read more …]

Why Conserve Water in the Pacific Northwest?

By Janet Nazy, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Conservation We live in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Water is plentiful so why conserve [read more …]