Read the Dirt: Changes on the Way

by: Posted on: March 29, 2013

Changes are on the horizon for Read the Dirt and its website We are revamping the website while simultaneously becoming a monthly publication. Rather than our weekly Article of the Week we will be publishing a month’s worth of material on the 8th of every month, starting April 2013. Each month’s articles will be published with an Editor’s Introduction featuring links to and summaries of that month’s reading. April’s edition will feature a look at this past month’s content. We are going monthly for a few reasons.

These changes will give us more flexibility with our publishing. The Editor’s Introduction will help us stay in touch with our readers, highlight articles worth highlighting, provide an additional filter for our readers, and allow us to feature complimentary musings and content that would previously not get the attention of an Article of the Week. Publishing all at once, as opposed to the weekly trickle, allows us to publish articles as a group, rather than as separate pieces. This will hopefully add a cohesiveness and predictability to Read the Dirt that has hitherto been in short supply. As always, all of our articles will be published online and archived within the website for you to read at your leisure.

As for the website updates, these will include stylistic alterations, an expanded front page with new sections, a Community Rights section with more resources and external news items, and more.

It is our sincere hope that these changes improve your experience with us.

Thanks for reading.


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