Where in the World is Read the Dirt?

by: Posted on: January 22, 2013

Photo: The Colosseum in Rome, Wikimedia Commons


Much has been said about what to do “when in Rome”. Saint Ambrose of Milan coined the phrase “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” in the fourth century A.D. to promote a tolerant and flexible approach to worshiping God. When in Rome, he preached, worship like the Romans do. Read the Dirt is in the foreign land of fundraising, and we’ve decided, for lack of a better phrase, to “do as the Romans do”. But where are we, and what are the locals up to?

Today Rome is Kickstarter, a place where the locals communicate with the world about the work they do, hoping to spark public participation. We’ve never run a fundraising campaign, or for that matter, ever made any money. For all we know we’re in Bermuda.

We think that as we’re already here, in Kickstarter, we might as well continue to “do as the Romans do”. That way we won’t have to do it again. We have raised 86% of our $3,000 target, but why not, as the locals say, “exceed” our goal?

If we exceed our $3,000 target we will exceed expectations. $3,000 will, as detailed in our Kickstarter, expand our Community Rights section, and print a “Best of the Early Years Read the Dirt Magazine”. Exceeding $3,000 however will fund a “Read the Dirt Food Systems Zine” to distribute to Growing Washington’s CSA customers, a 2nd Annual Read the Dirt Writing Competition, a “Stories from Read the Dirt’s Coverage of the American Community Rights Movement” magazine, and further web development for our online Community Rights section.

If you don’t have cash to donate, don’t worry, you can do more than just vote with your dollar. (However if you would like to cast such a vote we would be grateful to receive it. Thank you to all the generous donors!)

There are no rules or limits to how you can collaborate with us. You can tell a friend, have a conversation, read the dirt, write a comment, suggest a topic or idea we should explore, offer your skills, donate or brainstorm. This is about more than the Kickstarter project, but while we’re here we’re going to do as the locals do: use this as an opportunity to communicate, raise some money, and hopefully spark some ideas and interactions.

Ask us a question.

Contact: info@readthedirt.org

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