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by: Posted on: October 25, 2010

We hope that it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that Read The Dirt is, at its most fundamental level, a from-the-ground-up publication.  We aspire to look at the root of things, to document ideas as they grow, and to share the harvest of knowledge that enlightens us.  From Read The Dirt sprouts the ability for all of us to grow and flourish, to tell our tales, and to document that which surrounds us.  Created and cultivated by a group of rag-tag young and grounded farmers, Read The Dirt is focused on the essentials.  It is a gathering place of ideas, an open forum for writers with something to say, and a constantly evolving homage and testimony to the dirt, water, air, flora, fauna, and ideas that sustain us all.

Make no doubt about it, Read The Dirt aspires to be your home page, or at least among your favorites.  Constantly updated and focused on the essentials, Read The Dirt is the place to get honest reporting, the most hyped scuttlebutt and, of course, the latest dirt on issues and topics that affect everyone.  One step down the path, Read The Dirt hopes to find itself in your mailbox, complete with all the news that is grounded enough to print.  For now, Read The Dirt is content on being your forum to express your thoughts on that which is essential, to read what others have to say, and to relish in both subjective and objective reporting on the history, current status, and future conditions of those things in our life that we all have a vested interest in understanding better.

Read The Dirt is actively seeking new writers.  The nice thing about a publication that focuses on the things in life that are essential is that nearly everyone has something to say, everyone is a stakeholder, and everyone can be an active participant.  We are seeking out a diversity of opinions, approaches, and experiences, and feel strongly that every citizen is expert enough to contribute to Read The Dirt.  And, for those that are not incredibly interested in writing long pieces, we are also readily looking for quirky facts, fun human interest stories, interesting tid-bits, and any content worthy of landing itself into our Barnyard section.

With that, we welcome you to Read The Dirt! Dig in, get dirty, and share some time with us reading what others have to say, utilizing your voice to interact with others, and kicking around the site looking for perspectives and stories that just might help you grow to your potential while remaining firmly rooted in the ground and learning more about topics that are essential to us all.

Read The Dirt has immense room for growth, but we have to start somewhere.  So we launch readthedirt.org to get the ball rolling.

Simon and Clayton

6 Responses to “Welcome To Read The Dirt!”

  • Cheers to all the collaboration that went into The Dirt.  Very impressive.  Keep up the good work!  Can't wait to see what will grow...  :)
    by: Teal and Heatheron: Monday 25th of October 2010
  • Looking forward to putting in my two cents now and again, cool project guys!
    by: Tayaon: Tuesday 26th of October 2010
  • I hope your enthusiasm spreads, becomes contagious, and inspires people to think global.
    by: Abe Cohenon: Sunday 31st of October 2010
  • Congratulations! What a great idea. Our future lies in our ability to stay in touch with the dirt! Keep it up.
    by: Anna McKeeon: Monday 8th of November 2010
  • What a fantastic site!  Looking forward to reading more!
    by: Sarahon: Tuesday 9th of November 2010
  • This looks great you guys! I'm stoked
    by: Amyon: Sunday 25th of September 2011

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