Our Dirty Web Designer (Video)

by: Posted on: October 20, 2010


Take a look at one of our web designers from Media Drink, Russell Davis-Cohen (the one in the green shirt), playing in the dirt with his farmer friend (Mike Simington of Simington Gardens in Aurora, Oregon) and their turkeys.

4 Responses to “Our Dirty Web Designer (Video)”

  • Yo Russell! Website looks awesome, great work
    by: Elan Eichleron: Monday 25th of October 2010
  • Awesome job, Simon, on both the content and the website!
    by: Rick Rayon: Monday 8th of November 2010
  • Russ is no farmer, but he sure can come up with the best creations!!
    by: Abe Cohenon: Friday 24th of June 2011
  • The website does look great! You have my jealousy.
    by: Christopher Youngon: Monday 10th of October 2011

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