1st Annual Read the Dirt Writing Competition!

by: Posted on: March 09, 2012

Welcome to the 1st Annual Read the Dirt Writing Competition!

In 250 words or less: What would YOU like to see HUMANS create/design/achieve before you DIE?

We are accepting submissions from across the Great Northwest, though due to our geographic location we can only offer prizes for writers in Whatcom County. Writers outside of Whatcom will be highlighted as “Writers from the Greater Northwest” and placed in their own fantastic category.

Don’t forget to tell us where you are writing from.

The judging process will be decentralized. Partners from Western Washington University, Fairhaven College, Village Books, Growing Washington and Read the Dirt will be asked to read and rank a random selection of submissions. Each submission will be ranked by multiple judges and the submissions with the highest rankings will become finalists. To decide the winners finalists will be put through the judging process once again. Submissions will be judged on detail, creativity, eloquence, and forward thinking.

Email submissions to info@readthedirt.org and see the above pamphlet for details!


For higher quality pamphlets see the the PDFs below (feel free to print)!

Whatcom County: Poster

Greater Northwest: Poster


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  • Very happy students from Portland and Centralia can compete!
    by: gillian davison: Monday 19th of March 2012

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