Benton County Community Group Files Petition for the Right to a Local, Sustainable Food System

by: Posted on: July 08, 2013

By Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund,

Benton County, Oregon – On June 5th members of What’s In Our Future Benton County resubmitted a Sustainable Food System ordinance to the Benton County Clerk for approval to circulate a petition to county voters. The group – who has been working with CELDF for the last year – submitted a similar version of the ordinance in October of 2012.  That version was found to have one section in need of correction to bring it on compliance with initiative rules, and those changes have been made. The community group is aiming to qualify for the May 2014 ballot.

The Benton County Sustainable Food System ordinance establishes a right to a sustainable food system, seed heritage, clean air, water and soil for sustainable agriculture in Benton County, and prohibits unsustainable practices – like the planting of GMO’s – that would violate those rights.

“It’s time that we reclaim what has always been rightfully ours, that is our right to grow and produce food in a manner that protects the health and safety of this county and strengthens our local economy,” says Clint Lindsey, farmer and chief petitioner of What’s In Our Future Benton County. “Big agribusiness has a single focus, that is to control the entire food system no matter the cost to people and the environment.”

Linsey goes on to say, “We cannot afford to wait for the federal and state governments to save us. In fact they have been more than happy to authorize and protect the corporate assaults to our local farm and food systems.”

CELDF is currently assisting other communities in Oregon to establish the right to a local, sustainable food system.

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