Quote_Robin D.G. Kelley, November, 2016

“We have no choice but to resist.” -Robin D.G. Kelley, November, 2016

Quote_James Baldwin

“It is the innocence which constitutes the crime.” -James Baldwin

Quote_Buju Banton

“Who can afford to run will run, but what about those who can’t? They will have to stay.” -Buju Banton

Quote_Tupac Shakur

“After the fire comes the rain.” -Tupac Shakur

Quote_Tupac Shakur

“You can take my taxes, send me to war, but can’t feed me.” -Tupac Shakur


“Greater scarcity of water will lead to an increase in the cost of food.” -Pope Francis

Quote_Robin D. G. Kelley

“You’re making the wrong mistakes.” -Robin D. G. Kelley


“The modern state is regulatory in character, and hence limited in its capacities, rather than political or redistributive.” -Peter Mair

Quote_Peter Mair

“Rarely has there been such widespread discussion of institutional reform, be it of the electoral system, parliamentary procedures, local or regional government, [read more …]


“We are no longer living ‘in the meantime’ but in a full-blown regime crisis.” -Pablo Iglesias

Quote_Val Napoleon

“Law is a verb.” -Val Napoleon

Quote_Duke Ellington

“Beyond Category.” -Duke Ellington


“Confront the sectarianism of identity politics and the political myopia of those who only feel comfortable as part of a minority.” -Pablo [read more …]


“The problem with tradition is that sometimes it’s a wise king, and sometimes it’s a king that eats its own sons.” – [read more …]


“The Framers of the Bill of Rights did not purport to ‘create’ rights.” – William Brennan, former U.S. Supreme Curt Justice


“Nature abhors a void.” -Parmenides


“Men [and women] cannot engender new forces, but only unite and direct existing ones.”                      -Jean-Jacques Rousseau, On The Social Contract


“A plant on the edge of a desert is said to struggle for life against the drought, though more properly it should [read more …]


“For one species to mourn the death of another is a new thing under the sun.” -Aldo Leopold


“One of the great liabilities of history is that all too many people fail to remain awake through great periods of social [read more …]


“You participate in a society by your existence.” -Marcus Aurelius


“[W]hen self-organization fails, I know that it is not because the collective benefits that could have been obtained were unimportant to the [read more …]


“In the end the aggressors always destroy themselves, making way for others who know how to cooperate and get along” –Fritjof Capra, [read more …]


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”  -Lao Tzu

“The new generation, the generation of the Internet, is fearless.” -Shawki al-Qadi, Yemeni opposition lawmaker (NY Times)

Quote_Robin D.G. Kelley

“Populism is the idea that ordinary people ought to have the power to control their government and their communities, especially along lines [read more …]

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